About UUC Connect

The UUC Connect Sign In screen

Getting Started with UUC Connect – FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Click here to go to UUC Connect. There is also a direct link to UUC Connect at the bottom of our website menu, on the left side of most pages. Many links from our Calendar and website go to group information, event registration, and online giving in UUC Connect.

What is UUC Connect anyway? And how is it related to “Realm”?

UUC Connect is the church’s communications portal for members and friends. You’ll see it called “Realm” sometimes, too – that’s the name the developer gave the program. We mostly use “UUC Connect,” our friendly nickname for this secure online tool. It allows you to manage your personal information shared with UUC and in the way you want to with other members and friends of UUC. You can manage your pledges and online giving, join church groups, register for church events, and much more. UUC Connect is also where you can find secure Zoom links for online activities that are open to all for drop-in participation.

I get easily frustrated with too much technical information. How do I participate with as little fuss as possible?

Not a problem! First, email Jessica Monahan, our Office Manager, to request an invitation to join UUC Connect, and/or to schedule a time she can call you to walk you through the log-in process. It’s not difficult, she just needs to make sure we have your current email address and that you get to the right location to create or change your password.

Did you use our previous system, “Members and Friends Online”? You can re-claim your account! UUC Connect is the current version of this program. Your information is still available. To claim your former account:

  1. Go to https://onrealm.org/uuchurch (“Realm” is the name of the software developer.)
  2. Enter your current email address and your old password. If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot your password?” to reset it.

Remember – if you get stuck, just contact Jessica and she can help you out of any bind.

I set up an account in UUC Connect, but I can’t get in. Now what?

First, make sure you’re using the email address you established as your account email. UUC Connect allows you to store multiple email addresses, but one must be identified as your primary. This is the one you must use when you log in. Not sure which email address you used? Contact Jessica!

If you’re pretty sure you have the right email, but can’t remember your password, try the “Forgot your password?” link to reset your password. If you try this and get a “Not Found” message or have any other problem, contact Jessica!

Okay, I’m in. Now what?

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Review your contact information. Update anything that needs correction or is incomplete.
    • Please do enter your full birthday. This helps us better understand our congregation. And, for children, their full birthday helps us recommend age-appropriate programs AND automatically sets them to “Adult” status when they turn 18. (NOTE: Only the month and day of your birthday is visible to others, if you choose to share it, not the year.)
  2. Control your privacy. Click the […] next to your name (or at the bottom of the app screen if you’re using your phone or tablet), and choose “Profile.” The little pencil icon next to each piece of your profile information allows you to change the information and control who can see it: all members, just group leaders and staff, or only staff.
  3. Add a photo of yourself (and your family too, if you wish). Click the pencil on the image circle at the top of your profile and add picture of yourself so everyone can recognize you when they see you in the church directory or your small groups.
  4. Set your notifications and email preferences. Click the three dots […] “More” button and choose “Settings.” Here you can select each group you belong to (everyone belongs to the University Unitarian Church group) and set up how you want to receive posts and emails: every new post and reply, every new post only, or nothing from that group. You can change these settings at any time.
  5. Check out your Newsfeed. This is the default landing page when you enter UUC Connect. It’s tailored to you – along with important announcements from UUC, it’ll show updates from groups you belong to and events you’ve registered to attend.
  6. Explore UUC Connect, on your computer and on your phone app. For example:
    • Find a group to join! From the menu on your computer/laptop, choose “Groups” and then “Find Groups” to explore all the small groups working in and around the church. Use the “Join” button to contact a leader to inquire or join.
    • Post or send a picture to one of your small groups.
    • Try out the “chat” feature or send an email.
    • Review upcoming events, and register for something that looks great.
    • Try making a gift to UUC, or enter that pledge you’ve been meaning to make.

Need some help with this? Contact Jessica!

Is there a phone app I can use to access UUC Connect?

Why, yes! The free UUC Connect app is available for Android or Apple products. Just go to your app store and search for “Realm Connect” to find “Realm Connect – Our Church” by ACS Technologies. Download this app on your phone and start it, using the UUC Connect login you’ve created. After you’ve gone through this the first time, the app remembers you, and you’re connected! Great for looking up friends in the church directory, registering for an event, finding a small group, chatting with a UUC pal or one of your groups, or giving to UUC wherever you are. You can even take advantage of mobile check-in and skip the kiosks when you enter the building! Navigating the app is a little different; if you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, click the ellipsis […] when you see it to expand detail or for additional options.