About UUC Connect

The UUC Connect Sign In screen

UUC Connect is the church’s communications portal for members and friends. It’s also a mobile app you can use to access church database information. These tools allow you to update your personal information, share your information the way you want to with other members and friends of UUC, manage your pledges and online giving, join church groups, communicate with other church group members, register for church events, and much more.

  • Go to UUC Connect (There is also a direct link to UUC Connect at the bottom of our home page menu.)

Getting Started with UUC Connect – FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

I get easily frustrated with too much technical information. How do I participate with as little fuss as possible?

Not a problem! Your best bet is to use the UUC Connect app on your smart phone or tablet. It’s available for Android or Apple products. Just go to your app store and search for “ACS Connect” to find “Connect – Our Church Community” by ACS Technologies. Get this app on your phone and start it.

Now, you’ve got your phone or tablet in your hand, so open your email app and send a note to Jessica Monahan, our Office Manager, to schedule a time she can call you to walk you through the log-in process. It’s not difficult, she just needs to make sure we have your current email address and that you get to the right location to create or change your password. After you’re through this the first time and the app remembers you, you’re connected!

To control your privacy, click the […] “More” button at the bottom of the app screen and choose “Profile”. The little pencil icon next to each piece of your profile information allows you to change the information and control who can see it: all members, group leaders and staff, or just staff. (Remember that only the month and day of your birthday are visible to members, not the year.) Oh, and while you’re there, click the pencil on the image circle at the top of your profile and take a new picture of yourself so everyone can recognize you when they see you on Zoom!

To control your notifications and email, click the […] “More” button and choose “Settings.” Here you can select each group you belong to (everyone belongs to the University Unitarian Church group) and set up how you want to receive posts and emails: every new post and reply, every new post only, or nothing from that group.

Then take some time to explore the app! Post or send a picture to one of your small groups. Or better yet, find a group to request to join! Just click […] “More” and choose “Groups” and then “Find Groups” to explore all the small groups working in and around the church. Click “Join” to contact a leader to inquire about joining an open group. Try out email or chat, look at events, or review and manage your giving and pledges – and enter a new pledge for the 2020 UUC Giving Campaign while you’re there!

If you get stuck, just contact Jessica and she can help you out of any bind.

I’m okay with the technical details. How do I get going with UUC Connect?

All the features of UUC Connect are available online through any web browser. Everyone is included in UUC Connect, you simply have to claim your account.

How do I claim my account?

If you used our previous system “UUC Members and Friends Online”:

  1. Go to https://onrealm.org/uuchurch
  2. Enter your current email address and your old password. If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot your password?” to reset it.

If you try to reset your password and when you enter your email in the “Send Me My Password” window and click Send Email a message pops up that says “Not Found” it means we need you to contact Jessica Monahan, our Office Manager. She’ll need your current email address so she can make certain that’s what we have on record. If you have an account already, she’ll change the email to your current address, and you can change the password with that address. If you don’t have an account yet, she’ll send an invitation to your current address to set up a password for your account.

If you never used or don’t remember using “UUC Members and Friends Online”:

  • You need to respond to our invitation to claim your account on UUC Connect. This was sent last fall, but we will send them again this weekend. Please follow the instructions in this invitation to get your account established with your email and password.

If you don’t get an invitation in early April 2020, either you have an account already established or you no longer use the email to which the invitation was sent. Try logging in and using the “Forgot your password?” link to reset your password, following the instructions in step 2 and the italicized paragraph above.

If you are not sure which email account to use:

  • In UUC connect, you can maintain multiple email addresses in your contact information, but only one of those addresses can be the log-in email that you use to claim and use your account. The email account that is currently set as your account email is the address at which you received this email.

If that’s not the email address you would like to use for your log in to UUC Connect, please contact Jessica and she’ll change your account email on the back end so you can now use that email address to log in to your account at UUC Connect.

After you’re logged in to UUC Connect with your account, you’ll see the default page with church and small group news next to a menu on the left side of the window. First, though, we’d like to make certain that everyone has their notification and privacy settings the way they want them.

How do I set up my notification preferences?

In the upper right corner of the window, click the down arrow next to your name and profile picture.

  1. Click “Notification Settings” on the menu of choices.
  2. Two pages are available here, one with the tab “Newsfeed Notifications” and the other with the tab “Inbox Notifications.” Click “Newsfeed Notifications.”

These are newsfeed settings for each group you are included in. University Unitarian Church is the top-level or “global” group for everyone. For each group, you can select whether you want to receive all new UUC Connect posts and replies to posts by other members, just new posts to the group without replies, or no newsfeed posts from that group.

There’s also a daily digest option that you can choose that puts all new posts into one big email you get once a day, if that’s how you prefer to get updated with news.

  • Click “Inbox Notifications.”

These are settings for email sent to each group by group leaders. Again, you can choose to get all emails and their replies in your email inbox, just new emails, or no emails. (Note that newsfeed posts, above, that are sent to your email inbox are not considered “email” and are not blocked by setting Inbox Notifications to “Nothing” on this page.)

How do I control my privacy settings?

  1. Click the down arrow next to your name and profile picture in the upper-right corner of the window and select “My Profile.”

This displays your profile information that can be seen by staff, group leaders, and other members of the church, if you so choose. Note that while there is more information in your profile than this, these are the only values that are shared with other members of the church who log in to UUC Connect. (And no, they can’t see the year of your birth, only the month and day.)

So they can do their work, staff and group leaders can see additional profile information about you that other church members can never see. You can see that information when you click “Edit Profile” under your name. None of the information shown in your profile is visible to anyone outside UUC Connect.

  • Click the “Manage Privacy” button below your name.

Here you can control who sees information from your profile, as well as the profiles of other members of your household. You can allow your profile information to be seen by:

  • Anyone in the church
  • People in my groups
  • Leaders
  • Church staff only

Note that if you select anything other than “Anyone in the church,” your name will appear in the church directory, but no address, phone number, or email. You will be essentially “Unlisted” to other members. For the benefit of community connection, we encourage everyone to choose “Anyone in the church” as their privacy setting.

  • Click Save to save your settings.

How do I change my profile picture or profile information?

  1. Click the down arrow next to your name and profile picture in the upper-right corner of the window and select “My Profile.”
  2. To change your profile picture, click the current image or empty circle with your initials next to your name. You can remove the existing profile photo to leave it as your initials, or you can upload a new profile photo that you’d like to show instead.

We encourage all members to use a clear and current photo that shows your face as your profile photo, as this is an important tool for staff and group leaders as well as members to recognize you when they see you in person or in Zoom

  • To change your profile information, click the “Edit Profile” button beneath your name. There are pages for contact information (address, phone, email) and personal information (marital status, birthdate, allergies, and emergency contact information).

We encourage all members to include your full birthdate in your personal information in UUC Connect. Again, only staff and group leaders can see the year of your birth. Members only see the month and day. Ages are a critical piece of information for program leaders to understand the demographics of our church community and how we are serving people in different generations.

Full birthdates are also essential for establishing which “Child” records in your household are the records of minors. Without a birthdate, all child records in your household are assumed to be minors, but it is helpful to know when you have a college student or adult child associated with your household.

Phone app

For a more convenient way to engage with the congregation through UUC Connect, you can install the mobile app for UUC Connect on a mobile phone or other mobile device. The same features of the UUC Connect web site are available through the mobile device, and the notifications of news and contact from UUC Connect can be right at your fingertips wherever you are.

How do I get the UUC Connect app?

  1. Search for “ACS Connect” in your app store to find “Connect – Our Church Community”.
  2. Get the free download and install it on your mobile device. 
  3. Log in with your UUC Connect login. 

Explore the app to find all the ways to see news from your groups, share photos and stay updated on events, monitor your group inbox and chats, and manage your online giving to UUC. You can also control all your privacy and email preferences for your groups from the app. Make sure to set your device to accept notifications from the app to make sure you are alerted to the latest communications.

Thank you in advance for working with us to make UUC Connect a successful tool for us all to share during this time of distancing and caution. If you have any questions about these tools, large or small, please don’t hesitate to contact Jessica Monahan at the church office. She or another available member of staff will be glad to help you.

  • Go to UUC Connect (There is also a direct link to UUC Connect at the bottom of our home page menu.)