Three More Weeks of Our Giving Campaign: Please Pledge Today

A stylized tree with spreading roots, a trunk formed of two offering arms, and lots of handprints in different colors for leaves.

“Courage to Hope”

Rev. Jon Luopa recently shared in his letter to the congregation that UUC is planning for an increase in our annual expenditures and invites you to make the most generous financial pledge you can afford. He says, “This place which nurtures your courage to be hopeful needs your financial support.”

Together we are making UUC a place where we all make annual pledges because this community plays an important role in each of our lives and our lives together. As part of your personal decision for how much to pledge, we encourage you to review the Aspirational Giving Guide.

Every gift, no matter the amount, is important and cherished. 

Click to make your pledge today: 2023-2024 Pledge Form.

Questions? Watch this video with directions for How to Make a Pledge to UUC or contact Byron Krystad (

We still have room in our small group gatherings. Click here to register.

And thank you!

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