Update on Face Masks at UUC (March 2023)

Black KN95 face mask

Since the State of Washington Department of Health announced its decision to lift the remaining COVID-19 masking requirements as of April 3, UUC has received questions about our own masking policies.

Currently, we are still requiring face masks in the chapel on Sundays, in our bookstore, and in our church office. Masks are optional elsewhere in the building, and have been provided by UUC at the entrances of the building and in the Chapel.

Our current masking protocols have remained in place for three reasons:

  • We sing together during our Sunday services, an activity known increase risk of spreading respiratory illnesses.
  • In smaller spaces, the inability to maintain distance from others also increases risk.
  • Some of our staff and congregants are vulnerable to complications from COVID-19, and masking by all reduces risk.

As we continue to monitor public safety guidelines, we do expect we will move to a uniform “masks optional” policy in the foreseeable future. Mindful of our diverse congregation, we are ready to make the following change effective immediately:

  • Face masks will no longer be provided at entrances, except on Sunday mornings. Please bring your own if you wish to wear a mask.
  • During the week, you are asked to put on a face mask for extended conversations with office staff. A supply of masks will be available.
  • Masks are still required in the chapel for Sunday Services. Please bring your well-fitting mask and wear it throughout your time in the chapel. If you don’t have your own mask, you may pick one up at the entrance to the church or chapel.
  • Bookstore volunteers may ask you to wear a mask and will have a supply available if you don’t have one.  

Thank you for your support during these transitional times. We’ll keep you posted on future changes to our masking policy at UUC.

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