Tent City 3 FAQs

"Tent City 3" on a bright gold background

With Tent City 3 arriving on Saturday, March 18, the TC3 Team anticipates questions from eager congregants. Here are some answers.

Can I visit the TC3 participants while they are in the UUC parking lot?

TC3 invites members of the congregation or neighbors to stop by and say hello. Visitors will be asked to sign in and sign out at the Exec Committee tent, located at the entrance of TC3. When groups are interested in visiting the camp, for example, children from nearby childcare facilities, TC3 participants prefer knowing in advance. All visitors should keep in mind that TC3 is home for many people; we need to be respectful of their space and not overwhelm them.

Can I donate anything?

Yes! Share/Wheel, which sponsors TC3, needs financial support. In addition, the community is looking for tents (larger is better: 7’ x 7’ allows people to stand up), sleeping bags, blankets, coats/parkas, and pants (mostly men’s sizes), toiletries and toilet paper. Visit Share/Wheel’s TC3 page for a detailed list of needed items.

TC3 also welcomes food donations, but keep in mind that there is no refrigerator. UUC and Congregation Beth Shalom will be hosting weekly meals for Tent City 3. Other congregations, neighbors or friends can do the same by checking Tent City 3’s meal calendar online. Look for an open date and contact Tent City 3 with your offer to host. 

How is TC3 managed?

TC3 is a self-organized and democratic community. Camp policy is made by an Executive Committee of five elected members (with two alternates). Camp activities, issues, and plans are reviewed by participants in weekly meetings. UUC will work closely with the Executive Committee. 

Are there other ways I can get involved?

We encourage you to contact the UUC TC3 team so that we can help coordinate engagement. If you wish to contact the TC3 community directly, TC3 requests that you either email tc3@sharewheel.org or leave a message at (206) 517-9011 (rather than drop in).

Can I hire TC3 participants for occasional odd jobs?

Yes, but these types of opportunities should be brought to the TC3 Executive Committee to ensure there is an equitable opportunity for all.

How many people live in TC3, and what kind of facilities are available to them?

Currently, there are about 35 participants (with no children). Some have pets, mainly dogs. Most participants live in individual tents with some larger ones (7’ x 7’ – preferred) that allow campers to stand up. The camp also has a kitchen tent, a donation tent, a warming tent (with a TV), and the welcome tent at the entrance. Portable toilets and hand washing stations are located on site. A hygiene station for showers and laundry is available in downtown Seattle.

Additional information can be found on the SHARE/WHEEL TC3 website.

Please let us know if you have other questions that we should address.

If you can’t visit a Learning Station after church services but would like to volunteer, need help with carpooling to church on Sunday mornings, or have input or questions about TC3, please contact the UUC Tent City 3 Team at UUCHomelessness@gmail.com.

~UUC Tent City 3 Team