Enjoy Conversation and Connection

UUC Giving Campaign 2023 - Courage to Hope - and a stylized tree with spreading roots, a trunk formed of two offering arms, and lots of handprints in different colors for leaves.

This Sunday only (March 12), we’re offering small group gatherings at UUC after each service to connect with each other and to share reflections on this year’s Giving Campaign’s theme: Courage to Hope. Register Here: Registration for Small Group Gathering.

In addition we have a number of gatherings hosted in members’ homes during the next few weeks and a gathering on Zoom on Thursday, March 30.

Newcomers are encouraged to attend and no one will be asked to make a pledge at the gathering as our focus is on socializing and listening to each other. Please sign up today: Registration for Small Group Gathering.

Read more about the 2023 Giving Campaign.

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