Acting for Racial Justice Team

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Sunday, March 12, at a Learning Station after each service

UUC’s Acting for Racial Justice Team has a number of activities that we are excited to share with you! Please stop by our Learning Station in Nathan Johnson Hall this Sunday between 9:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. to learn more about:

  • The Southeast Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance (SESSFA) Move-a-Thon – Seventeen public schools in Southeast Seattle have joined forces to raise money and equitably distribute funds among the schools. Their fundraising Move-A-Thon just started on March 6. View the video that kicked off their campaign at SESSFA2023 – YouTube. To learn more and make a donation, please visit Thank you to UUC members who donated last year, we look forward to increasing donations for this year’s campaign!
SE Seattle Schools Fundraising Alliance Move-a-thon; Active kids, Allied schools
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  • The April 15, 16 and 22 events with Chris Crass, one of the leading voices in the country calling for and supporting white people to work for racial justice and men to work for feminism.
  • Giving feedback on how UUC is doing with living into our commitment to antiracism. We are continuing to ask for feedback, so please pick up and complete our three-part questionnaire, and, if you have already given us feedback and want to add more, please fill out another one! We really want to hear from you. For those not attending in person, please contact Jewels Mellen at to receive the questionnaire by email.

We look forward to seeing and engaging with you this Sunday!

~Acting for Racial Justice Team

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