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  • 5/28 Leadership Development Committee
  • 5/28 Black Lives Matter Vigil
  • 5/28 Lenore Talley McIntyre Memorial
  • 5/29 Memorial Day (Church Closed)
  • 5/30 Intergenerational Taekwondo
  • 5/30 Capital Campaign Team Meeting
  • 5/30 Interfaith Shavuot and Breaking Fast Together
  • 5/31 Wednesday Forum
  • 5/31 Art Committee Meeting
  • 5/31 Meditation Group

Pledge Campaign Update

It is wonderful to see the strong support so far to the 2017-18 UUC Pledge Campaign! Thank you to all of you who responded on Pledge Sunday in March, or since that time. If you have yet to pledge, please join us as soon as you are able. This will allow us to begin planning effectively for the 2017-18 church year, and it will also save your fellow volunteers from an outreach to remind you! Perhaps the bright yellow envelope with your customized pledge form is resting patiently on a table at your home. If not, you can pick up a new form in the church office, or even easier, you can simply submit a pledge online.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our beloved community!

Welcome Visitors

Whether you are visiting us for the first time, are still relatively new to UUC, or have been here for many years, we welcome you! We look forward to helping you explore this wonderful community and find what you’re looking for. Learn more.