Women’s Council


  • To serve as a leadership team supporting development and implementation of engaging ministry programs for UUC members and friends who identify as women.

Strategic goals and outcomes:

  • Connected Community  Women will experience the church as a deeply connected multigenerational community.
    • Significant individual relationships and small-group connections.
  • Awakened Spirit  Women will feel awakened and deepened spiritually as a result of their UUC experiences.
    • Deepened self-awareness and sense of life purpose.
  • Faithful Action  Women will feed called on and empowered to engage in justice work as a responsibility of their UU faith and as an expression of gratitude.
    • A balance of contemplative and activist dimensions of life.


  • Assist in developing a well-rounded annual calendar of UUC events and activities for women.
    • Priority focus will be on programs for adult women (over age 18)
    • May collaborate with the Director of Religious Education on intergenerational programs from time to time.
    • Will consider broad range of needs and interests of women at different life stages (e.g. young adult, mothers of young children, midlife, elderhood).
  • Advise on priorities, policies and protocols related to program planning and implementation.
  • Develop planning and implementation teams for all activities as needed
    • Identify, recruit and nurture volunteer leadership as needed to carry out chosen activities, who will in turn identify, recruit, supervise and support volunteer teams.
  • Advise on and/or carry out promotion of all activities as needed.
  • Help ensure documentation of activity planning, implementation, timelines and evaluation to streamline and enrich future efforts.
  • Help ensure recognition of volunteers at all levels.


(as of October 2019)

Current and planned activities:

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