Solidarity with Muslims


UUC’s Solidarity with Muslims effort is focused on developing relationships with those in the Muslim community and learning more about Islam. Amidst the growth of Islamophobia, we are committed to enhancing our own awareness and connections and, as appropriate, advocating with our Muslim neighbors. A critical part of our effort is reciprocity…we develop relationships and act based on others’ terms, not our own.

What’s New

All are welcome to participate in our activities, most of which focus on connecting and developing relationships with Muslims and learning more about Islam.

Current Projects

On a monthly basis, we publish a list of upcoming events and activities to about 40 members who’ve joined our distribution list. Additionally, at least some of these activities are posted in the Gateway and order of service. Examples of events include social and learning events at local mosques, current issues facing Muslims that may warrant our attention and understanding, and interfaith forums that enable open dialogue and discussion. At present, we are supporting a local mosque as they deal with inflammatory and disruptive anti-Islam protests.

Get Involved

Fill out the form below for more information, to be added to our Solidarity with Muslims distribution list, or additional dialogue about UUC’s efforts in this area.

Vision and History

UUC’s rich history in the area of immigrant justice includes an effort entitled “Building Bridges” earlier this decade. The church’s initiatives within Building Bridges involved partnering with Islamic faith groups and other UU churches to promote mutual dialogue, learning and relationship-building. The philosophies underlying Building Bridges live on today within our Solidarity with Muslims ministry.

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