Social Justice Steering Committee

About Social Justice Steering Committee

The Social Justice Steering Committee (SJSC) supports and guides the church’s various social justice ministries. SJSC members serve as a sounding board to Rev. Beth Chronister, attend to congregation interests and broader community developments related to social justice, create space for group leaders to learn and share ideas with each other, and sometimes help to catalyze new efforts when an urgent call to action arises.

Current Projects

This year, SJSC has worked on selecting recipients for Second Sunday Dedicated Plate Collections; streamlining communication tools used by the social justice groups; preparing for social justice work during the offsite year; and various other projects. SJSC is also responsible for administering the Seeds of Justice grant program.

Committee Members

Brooke Lather-McElligott, Chair
David Kendall
Debbie Maranville
Jewels Mellen
Dave Mentz
Maddie Smith
Meta Thayer

Get Involved

To learn more, please connect with a current SJSC member or use the contact form below.

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