Immigrant Justice

UUC has a long history of standing for the rights and well-being of immigrants, refugees and their families.

We must open ourselves to experience the “other”—for once we truly experience one another in depth and over time the “other” is no longer other. “They” become “we.” — Peter Morales, UU World, Fall 2015

Our commitment is to educate, create awareness, bear witness, accompany, and participate as advocates for immigration justice locally and nationally together with partner organizations.

This is of particular interest to us at UUC because of its alignment with our UU values and our focus on racial justice, peace and reconciliation, and commitment to stand with our neighbors.

We lift up the first-hand stories of immigrants as we build relationships with immigrants and groups working on immigrant justice issues. We do this work grounded in a shared process of reflection, learning, growth, discernment, and mutual support.

Resources for Immigrant Justice:

Seeds of Justice partners and their work in the Seattle Area

Current and former partners with University Unitarian Church through our Seeds of Justice program, a grant program that begins with a grant and then unfolds into a two to three year partnership.

2016/2017 Seeds of Justice Partner

Puentes mobilizes mental health resources to help undocumented migrants and their families cope and flourish despite our broken immigration system. They provide therapeutic services to address trauma, assist with immigration proceedings, promote recovery of agency and social healing, and organize leadership towards collective immigration justice.

2011/2012 Seed of Justice Partner

Casa Latina empowers Latino immigrants through educational and economic opportunities and envisions a future in which the Latino community participates fully in the economy and democracy of this country.

Immigrant Justice in Washington — Facebook pages to follow, websites to check out

Immigrant Led, Community Based Organizations and Immigration Advocacy Organizations
Follow these pages for up-to-date news, local rapid response opportunities, raising awareness about current immigrant-led efforts and resources, and possible educational opportunities.

Rapid Response

Local Advocacy and Legal Support

Farm Workers Union

Undocumented-led resistance to the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma

Muslim and Refugee Support and Advocacy

National Resources on Immigrant and Refugee Justice for Unitarian Universalists

Contact the Immigrant Justice Team