About the Climate Action Team

About the Climate Action Team

UUC established its Climate Action Team in the spring of 2014. In the spirit of the seventh principle of Unitarian Universalism–respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part–the Climate Action Team’s mission is to seek reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through efforts to —

  • promote understanding of the climate crisis;
  • encourage action by individuals, the congregation, and the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • advocate for just government policies to reduce these emissions; and
  • form linkages with other organizations to support sensible efforts to reduce these emissions.

In the spirit of the second UUC principle–justice, equity and compassion in human relations–the team will advocate policies to begin to redress injustices already set in motion by past and present emissions.

In pursuit of UUC’s mission we strive to be responsible stewards of the gifts we hold in trust, endeavoring to leave a generous and sustainable climate legacy for those who come after us.

The UUC Climate Action Team will inspire hope through positive action and empower the UUC community and others to undertake faithful efforts to mitigate the climate crisis. We plan to —

  • sponsor educational programs such as films, lectures, music, and art to promote understanding of the climate crisis;
  • encourage the church to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by, for example, replacing existing lighting systems with cost-effective, more efficient systems;
  • encourage congregants to reduce their own contributions to global warming by, for example, using more efficient modes of transportation when feasible and reducing energy usage at home;
  • explore options for additional future efforts including advocacy of a carbon tax, strict enforcement of environmental laws regarding the hydrocarbon industry, and divestiture of hydrocarbon industry securities; and
  • initiate collaboration on this work with others, including other communities of faith.