Strategic Plan

In 2012, UUC adopted a new mission and vision statement and a corresponding strategic plan titled “Not For Ourselves Alone” that would guide the congregation in pursuing their vision.

The Board of Trustees assigned the task of forming teams of staff and volunteers for the various objectives of the strategic plan to the Executive Team, led by Rev. Jon Luopa. As a result of their work in 2013, several “Implementation Teams” were formed, each with a staff contributor and 3-4 church members assigned to pursue a particular portion of the strategic plan.

The implementation teams have met regularly on their own and in the fall and spring as a larger group with members of the Board of Trustees in attendance to listen in, ask questions, and report out on progress to the congregation. As several of those teams are gearing up for substantial work in the months ahead, links to important resources and updates from those teams will be posted on these Strategic Plan pages and on the bulletin board by the bookstore at the church itself.

Visual Narration of the Implementations Teams' Journeys

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Implementation Teams


Physical Space

Giving and Abundance

Justice as Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Growth

Small Church

Multigenerational Community

If you have any questions about the strategic plan and the efforts of these implementation teams, please contact the Board of Trustees using the form below.