Susan St. John, Communications Coordinator

Susan St. John

Susan is a Seattle native and has been a member of UUC for over 30 years. With an MS in Computer Science, she worked as a software engineer for 16 years and then decided it was time for a change. Susan returned to school and finished her MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Science) a few months before her first daughter, Lyra (now in high school), was born. Parenting took precedence, so it wasn’t until 7 years later, and after a second child, Katt (now in middle school), was in kindergarten, that she began putting her passion for organizing and communicating information to use for UUC. Since the fall of 2012, Susan has been putting together our newsletter, maintaining our website and Facebook page and creating the Order of Service documents (handout, slides, online version) each week. Before becoming a (part-time) employee, she chaired the UUC Board in 1997, co-chaired the Welcoming Congregation Task Force, sang in the Loft Choir for a while, and facilitated a Deep Ecology curriculum for the UUC Young Adults (back when she was one, eons ago!)

Contact Susan St. John at (preferred) or at (206) 454-7713 (message).