Rev. Jon M. Luopa

Rev. Jon M. Luopa

The grandson of Finnish immigrants, Jon Luopa grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts with his two younger sisters. The family religion was Lutheran, but by his early teens, Jon began to question those beliefs. He...
Rev. Beth Chronister

Rev. Beth Chronister

Beth is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist raised on the plains of Kansas. She is one generation off the farm, raised in the capital city of Topeka where her family was active in the local...

Affiliated Ministers:

UUC formally and gratefully recognizes a covenantal relationship with our Ministers Affiliated. These ordained UU clergy are not employed by the church, but serve ministries in the larger community, as chaplains, counselors, spiritual directors, or in other capacities. They choose to affiliate voluntarily with UUC, and we with them through vote of the congregation, as an integral and important part of our beloved community. Each Minister Affiliated offers specific service to UUC in addition to their professional work elsewhere, or in retirement.

Justin Almeida

Rev. Justin Almeida

The grandson of Mexican immigrants, Justin grew up among the yucca and sage of the Mojave desert. Raised in Las Vegas, NV, the family religion was Roman Catholic with Justin even contemplating being a...
Rev. Deborah Raible

Rev. Deborah Raible (Retired)

The Rev. Deborah Raible is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, following three previous generations of Unitarians in her family, and the third generation to go into the Unitarian (and now) Universalist ministry. Deborah is also...
Rev Linda Pashby Kaufman

Rev. Linda Pashby Kaufman (Retired)

The Rev. Linda Pashby Kaufman retired in 2017 after 10 years as Chaplain at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. A long-time member of UUC, she served the church in many lay leadership capacities before...