Church Governance

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University Unitarian Church is governed by a Board of Trustees (BOT) elected for three-year terms by the congregation from among its members. The congregation also elects a Moderator to a two-year term. Each year, the Board appoints a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as described in our bylaws. View our current Board Members.

The Board also oversees and appoints members of the Nominating Committee and a Leadership Development Team, and may create ad hoc working groups as needs arise.

The Board of Trustees holds business meetings on the third Thursday of each month, September through June, at 7 p.m. (Refer to the church calendar for meeting location.) Members and friends are welcome to attend. The key to governance at UUC is communication between the Board and the congregation. Please seek out your Board members after church services to share your thoughts and questions.

The Annual Congregational Meeting, conducted by our elected church Moderator, brings members together at the end of the regular church year, usually the second Sunday in June, to vote on the budget and elect new representatives. The Board of Trustees, ministers, and staff report the accomplishments of the last year. All are welcome to share in the conversation.

The Annual Meeting is an essential contribution of time and attention by our voting members, and a quorum is required. With the participation and involvement of congregants, we can pursue our shared mission and vision.

For copies of past and upcoming Annual Meeting reports, which include approved or proposed budgets and capital plans, as well as copies of the board-approved minutes of past Annual Meetings, see Annual Reports and Minutes or contact the church office. Copies of our church Bylaws and the Board’s governance policies and meeting minutes are also available for your reference.

UUC 2022-23 Board of Trustees

 Contact all members of the Board via Board@uuchurch.org3-Year Terms Expire in June
Kathleen Cromp, President 2023
Tim Vos, Vice President 2023
Patricia Graesser, Secretary 2024
Jim Thompson, Treasurer  2025
John Crusius 2024
Rosemary Daszkiewicz 2023
Paula Nurius 2025

UUC 2022-23 Moderator

 Two Year Term Expires in June
Chuck Harwood  2024

University Unitarian Church: Our Community at a Glance

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Governing Documents

The essential documents governing the congregation of University Unitarian Church are the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Washington, the Bylaws, and the Board Governance Policies.

Other relevant documents related to the governing and operation of the church include the annual Monitoring Schedule of Board and Executive activities, the Finance Policies of the Board-appointed Finance Committee, and the Personnel Policies of the Board-appointed Human Resources Committee.

Robert’s Rules of Order

Strategic Plan

The current 2012-2020 Strategic Plan of the congregation, based on the findings of the Year of Discernment Planning Team’s work in 2011 and 2012, is directed by the following source documents.

Implementation Teams' Visual Reporting for 2013/2014 Year

Implementation Teams’ Visual Reporting for 2013/2014 Year