Care Team

Pastoral care is an essential and central ministry of University Unitarian Church.

CaringWorking closely with the Rev. Beth Chronister, minister of pastoral care, the Care Team is a group of specially trained volunteers who accompany members and friends through life’s transitions and challenges by offering confidential support and care. From welcoming a newborn child into a family, to accompanying someone through cancer treatment, to walking with those in grief or other emotional distress, the Care Team supports individuals and groups alike. We offer community connections, hospital visits and act as a caring, listening presence. By doing so, we seek to strengthen our bonds of humanity and hope.

The purpose of UUC’s Care Ministries is to provide confidential, compassionate and emotional support to members of our church community.  If you or your family are experiencing illness, hardship, isolation, or are in crisis or in need of support, let us know the best way and time to contact you. More information on our services and how to contact us is below.

Care Team members for 2021-22 are:


Headshot of Dinah Hartley

Dinah Hartley

Headshot of Jan Hood

Jan Hood (Co-Chair)

Becca Hutcheson headshot

Becca Hutcheson

Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia Johnson (Co-Chair)

Mike Kippes

Mike Kippes

Don Morgan headshot

Don Morgan

Catherine Ruha

Catherine Ruha

Headshot of Margaret Sutro

Margaret Sutro

For Meals & Rides

Our Helping Hands volunteers focus specifically on things like providing meals and rides to those who need them. If you or a loved one are ill, having a baby, or having surgery, let us know and we will be happy to provide some meals to help out. We will also coordinate volunteers to help with rides to and from church or to places such as doctor’s appointments. Contact the Care Team phone message line or email via the form below to arrange Helping Hands assistance.

You may call the Care Team on our confidential 24-hour message line at (206) 454-7722 or email using the form below. A member of the Care Team is on call to respond to messages left on the Care Line and email inbox. Both are checked once or twice per day.