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Circle of Chairs“When someone deeply listens to you, it is like holding out a dented cup you have had since childhood and watching it fill up with cold fresh water.”
-John Fox

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Participating in a small group is a wonderful way to get that small church feeling and still enjoy the benefits of being part of a large church community. Some groups are structured for adults, several are intergenerational, all are welcoming. Some require advance registration, some invite drop-in attendance. Usually, UUC is able to provide childcare for those groups meeting at the church, if reserved through the church office at least 10 days in advance.

This page provides a general overview of small groups at UUC. Once you’re part of the congregation, we encourage you to set up an account on UUC Connect, which facilitates on-line community, provides event registration, and offers on-line giving to the church. You can request or access your own account from the left-hand menu on UUC’s website (click on “UUC Connect” at the bottom of the menu), by clicking here for the log-in page, or by contacting the church office.

New and experimental small groups are welcome. They need not run all year long. See the bottom of this page for tips on starting a new group. You may also wish to check the UUC calendar for announcements of classes and workshops, and pop-up events, or investigate our social justice ministries.

Below are brief descriptions and contact information for UUC’s active small groups. Scroll down to browse them all, or click on any of the quick links above to jump directly to the group. Need help deciding where you might fit in, or just want to talk with someone about UUC? Come see us any Sunday at the UUC connections stations in Nathan Johnson Hall, attend a UUC Info Session after church most Sundays, or visit the church office at other times.

You may also contact Janine Larsen, Director of Ministries by email or phone. Or, you can fill out our Connections card online and we’ll contact you.

Book & Discussion Groups

Science Book Group

The Science Book Group is part of the Unitarian liberal intellectual tradition that includes a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month at the church. We welcome new members and friends to join us. It is not necessary to have particular familiarity with the book under discussion–listeners are welcome as well. Contact the facilitator with any questions, or to be added to the email list. Or, click here to find this small group through UUC Connect.

Women’s Book Group

Create community through books–UUC women interested in reading and discussing books, attending an occasional literary event in Seattle, and growing friendships. The group opens its membership once or twice a year, announced through the UUC News. Please bring a snack to share.

The Women’s Book Group is a program of the UUC Women’s Council. You can  contact the book group leader(s) here, or find this small group through UUC Connect.

Wednesday Forum

Wednesday Forum is a participatory, nonsectarian discussion group, a place to safely and openly share perspectives on the issues, using our own self-sense of respect and honor as a guideline.

This year, as usual, we will be focusing some of our meetings on the Great Decisions program presented by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). UUC has been hosting this program through our Wednesday Forum group since its beginnings more than 50 years ago.

If you would like to receive notices and the Zoom link, you can either join the group at UUC Connect or contact the Church office.

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Caring Shawls Knitting & Crochet GroupCaring Shawls Oct 2015

Our Caring Shawls group is currently meeting via Zoom only on the third Sunday of each month from 1:00–3:00 p.m. We’re a congenial group, with engaging conversations as our needles and hooks fly, making shawls to be given by the Care Team to someone in our community in need of comfort. We welcome knitters and crocheters of all ages, and have some church-provided yarn for those needing supplies. We also welcome shawls from those preferring to do their needlework on their own. Contact us for more information, or click here to find this small group through UUC Connect.

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Rainbow hand with thumbs up.Interweave is the official name used in the UU family for LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual/allies) groups as a common means of identification. UUC’s Interweave group meets every other month (Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June), on first Fridays, at UUC. Usually we share a potluck dinner, but sometimes we have a summer picnic or whatever else we might dream up. Often, we have a guest speaker or other program along with our potluck. Drop in and join us!

If you would like more information about Interweave or to get on our email list, contact us here, or click here to find this small group through UUC Connect.

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Justice Groups and Teen Feed

UUC is an activist church, with a strong commitment to working for justice and caring for the larger community in many ways. Click here to go to the Justice pages and find out more, or find these small group through UUC Connect!

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Men’s Group

This group is open to all who identify as male, ages fifteen through one hundred and fifteen! We meet on fourth Wednesdays, year round. Each meeting begins with a brief check-in from each member, followed by discussion of a topic that is in most cases announced in advance. Members rotate facilitating the meeting and bringing a topic for discussion. Topics are far-ranging but tend toward emotional/personal issues that men face. While attendance is open, we prefer regular attendance as schedules permit. Contact Michael or Jerry Gilmore for more information, or find this small group through UUC Connect.

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Women’s Groups

Activities for UUC women are supported by the UUC Women’s Council. Ongoing activities include the Women’s Book Group (described above), quarterly Women’s Breakfasts (including an interactive program), and Wise Women Connecting. Contact Carol Flannigan for more information on the Women’s Council and related programs, or click here to find our small groups through UUC Connect.

  • Wise Women Connecting – This group offers support and friendship to those who identify as women and are engaging pre-retirement, retirement, and issues of aging. Several special interest and support groups have been formed for Wise Women, too. No charge to attend meetings, but we appreciate your RSVP so we can set the space comfortably. Please bring a small plate of finger food to share; beverages are provided.

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Young Adult Group

If you’re between the ages of 18-35 and are UU or UU-curious, we’re eager to meet you! We meet each second and fourth Sunday of each month in the Servetus Room, right after the second church service (which is 11:15 – 12:15). This summer while UUC has only one Sunday Worship service, we’ll meet right after that on second and fourth weeks in July and August. Sometimes, those who wish will go to lunch after or do something else. Find this small group through UUC Connect!

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Groups for Parents

Parents of children, middle schoolers and teens can connect with one another through year-long affinity groups. There is no charge for these groups. UUC members and friends who have children enrolled in RE programs are welcome.

Coming of Age (COA) Parent Group

This group is for parents and/or guardians of current Coming of Age (COA) students. We will meet four times throughout the school year with an additional Workshop offered for both parents and mentors on writing their own faith statements. The Coming of Age Parent Group is a small group ministry to support parents through this important transitional year in the lives of their youth, (and thus themselves!) Parents are invited to attend even if they cannot attend all four.

Share our parenting experiences and support one another through this exciting and sometimes challenging Coming of Age year! We will discuss some of the topics that the youth will be discussing in Coming of Age as well as reflecting on what it means to parent a Coming of Age student.

Contact Aria Curtis, UUC’s Directory of Family Ministry, for more information.

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OWL (Our Whole Lives) Parent Group

This group is for parents and/or guardians of current 8th grade OWL students. Parents are invited to attend even if they cannot attend all three. We will meet three times throughout the school year with four goals in mind:

  • Get to know other parents with kids the same ages
  • Share parenting experiences and support one another
  • Discuss some of the lessons that the 8th graders will be experiencing in OWL and explore how to be more effective in talking with your kids about sexuality.

Contact Aria Curtis, UUC’s Directory of Family Ministry, for more information.

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Small Group MinistriesUU Humanists

Small Group Ministries offer companionship and mutual support on the path to spiritual growth.

Reflection Groups

These groups are offered from time to time and guided by UUC’s Awaken Spirit team. Opportunities will be announced. Reflection Groups usually require advance application or registration. Contact Janine Larsen, Director of Ministries, for more information.

Spiritual Practice & Discernment Groups


    • The Wednesday Night Meditation Group welcomes people of all ages and levels of skill who are interested in strengthening their practice in a group setting. Drop in attendance. Meetings are every Wednesday from 7 :30-8:30, usually at the church. During the summer months, the group often meets for walking meditation in the Rose Garden at Woodland Park. Check the church Wednesday Meditation Group webpage for current information or contact Mark Lee.
    • Zen Meditation & Study – We offer several opportunities for practice and study with others. Formats vary, but usually include brief opening and closing chanting services, silent sitting, and a dharma teaching. Drop-in attendance is welcome. The group is a member of the UU Buddhist Fellowship and is affiliated with James Ford, Roshi, a UU Minister, Zen priest, and Guiding Teacher of Empty Moon Zen Sangha. UUC’s Zen group is led by Janine Larsen, UUC Director of Ministries and a Zen priest. For more information, see the UUC Zen page

UU WELLSPRING – A year-long spiritual deepening program for experienced UUs. Click here for more information

Please contact Janine Larsen, Director of Ministries, if you are interested in sharing a specific spiritual practice with a group.

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How do I start a new group at UUC?

To start a new group or project, members should do the following.

  • Contact the church office to determine which program area of the church your activity would fall under, so that you can be in touch with the appropriate staff person to talk about your idea.
  • After talking with the program staff liaison, does it still make sense to start something new, rather than partnering with an existing group or project? If it does, then take a look at our Application for UUC Project or Group which comes with a discernment guide to help you think through what you want to do, and how you want to engage the congregation. These are available from the office.
  • Recruit at least five members from the UUC community who will commit to be involved.
  • Think through what you hope to accomplish; how it supports the mission and goals of the church; what your next specific action steps will be; and what kind of support you might want from the church congregation. With these considerations in mind, fill out the Application for UUC Project or Group and submit it to the relevant staff liaison.

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