Why Join Us for the MLK March on Monday, January 16?

Jerome, Corinne, and Jon (wearing a golden Side with Love shirt) at the 2015 MLK march
Rev. Jon Luopa, Corinne Kelly and Jerome Chroman
at the 2015 MLK march

From the UUC Acting for Racial Justice Team

As Jerome Chroman metaphorically marches toward his mid-80’s and recovers from a stroke, literal marching is no longer his to do. But Jerome and his partner Corinne Kelly, long-time social justice activists, recently shared a few reflections on why they marched in the annual MLK with members of UUC for decades. They hope to encourage you to take up the mantle:

Jerome: It’s really satisfying to march for social justice in a group with people from UUC. It’s doing something that needs to be done. By walking peacefully in the streets, we make a visible statement of our commitment to honor the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Corinne: Joining the MLK march is a great way to meet and interact with diverse communities—good people doing good work. The camaraderie is very satisfying. It’s an opportunity to connect with other avenues for making positive change outside UUC and be involved with more issues beyond ourselves.

 “There has been over 400 years of oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; which includes human trafficking, enslavement, genocide, torture, disenfranchisement, segregation, imprisonment, dispossession of land, and so much more, and yet none of this has ever broken the spirit of our Peoples to achieve justice and equity.” 1

Please join us on the march through the streets of Seattle: celebrating 40 Years of Continuing King’s Mission and lifting spirits in honor and solidarity of past racial justice work and for the work ahead. UUC members, families and friends will meet at the three flag poles in front northwest corner of Garfield High2 by12:20 p.m. to march together.

(1) https://www.seattlemlkcoalition.org/

(2) Garfield High, 400 23rd Ave, Seattle 98122

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