What Did Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Preach?

Thursday, January 12, 7–8:45 p.m. in King (naturally)

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. preaching wearing a robe and with both hands raised toward the listeners

What was MLK’s approach to social justice, how does it compare to other approaches, and what does it mean for UUs today? Join UUC’s 4th Principle Dialogue Group as we explore King’s work and legacy. We’ll look at these three works of King’s.  

Here’s a timeline of MLK and UUs, compiled by Jonathan Tweet.

What was King’s take on effective social action? What did he say about riots? What did Malcolm X think of King? What causes did King take up six months before he was assassinated? What was his assessment of America? How did King view the nascent Black Power movement? What did he call on us UUs to do? Let’s discuss. Differing opinions are inevitable and welcome.

We can compare MLK’s work to the work of other Black authors we’ve read: Rev Thandeka (UU), Crystal Fleming (published by Beacon Press), John McWhorter (Woke Racism), and Ibram Kendi (How to Be an Antiracist, discussed at UUC in 2021).

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The 4th Principle Dialogue Group deepens connections among congregants through meaningful, intentional dialogue. The group name comes from our 4th Principle listed in the UUA Bylaws: “We affirm and promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Drop-ins welcome. 

Upcoming topics

January 12 and 26: MLK, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, 1966 Ware Lecture, etc.

February 9 and 23: proposed changes to UU principles, sources, and the rest of Article II in the UUA bylaws.

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