Green Tour Report

Earth on stove

Last Saturday, nine members of the UUC Climate Action Team took a tour of the greenest building in Seattle: the Bullitt Center. The six-floor office building is powered entirely from its rooftop solar panels, and generates income with the excess. ALL water usage is from rainwater falling on the rooftop panels. Toilets use just over a 12 fluid ounces (one beer bottle!) per flush.

There are more green aspects you can learn about by taking the tour available to the general public ($15). Here’s the link:

If you have questions or want more information contact co-chairs Nancy Maranville or Catherine Ruha. You can find their contact info in the UUC Connect Directory or join the Climate Action Team group—requires login. If you need help accessing UUC Connect (our password-protected resource for UUC members and friends) please contact the Church Office.