Donate Blood at UUC—Especially Needed Now

Wednesday, January 11, noon to 6 p.m. in Nathan Johnson Hall

Chart from Bloodworks Northwest showing high need for donors now
(Click to enlarge)

January is National Donor Month, a time to highlight the individuals who make saving lives possible in our community: our donors. Among the many powerful procedures, medications, and operations involved in cancer treatment, one essential element of it that only our donors can provide is blood.⁠ Will you join us on January 11 and help patients in our community live and thrive?

Currently, we have an emergency need for blood donors. The community blood supply has dropped to emergency low levels as patient need is outpacing donations. Last week local patients were transfused with 620 more units of blood than were donated. There is not enough blood on the shelves to do that again. A “Code Red” appeal has been issued urging everyone who is eligible and feeling healthy to fill immediate appointments to give blood and platelets.

Schedule your appointment online at or call 800-398-7888.

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