AV Updates to Impact Sunday Services

This Sunday, February 26, and other dates to be announced, we will be unable to provide a livestream of the worship services due to necessary updates to audio/visual systems in progress in the chapel and Nathan Johnson Hall.

We will also be unable to record the February 26 services for later watching (or listening to the sermon audio). In addition, the T-Coil hearing assist will be unavailable and our “over the ear” hearing assist devices will be inoperable. There will be no livecast available in Nathan Johnson Hall on February 26.

Upgrades to the AV systems in the Chapel and Nathan Johnson Hall will be ongoing for an estimated 6–8 weeks. However, we hope to have temporary systems in place for audio and video livestream and recording in the chapel as soon as next Sunday, March 5.

We will provide regular status reports each Sunday as needed. Thank you for your patience with this work in progress, which will ultimately result in a much improved AV experience for all, both online and in the chapel and Nathan Johnson Hall.

2 Responses

  1. April Atwood says:

    It will be nice to have an upgraded system. Too bad there is no plan to use zoom in the meantime; if the annual meeting can be shared that way, can’t the Sunday service (temporarily)?

  2. Butch Mason Taylor says:

    Thanks for update.