4th Principle Dialogue Group

Four smiling UUCers standing together

Thursday, February 9 & 23, 7–8:45 p.m. in King

Toward a New Unitarian Universalism?

Should we UUs replace the list of principles currently in the UUA Bylaws with new values and covenants? Should we replace the list of sources with new inspirations? Should we amend how we describe inclusion, freedom of belief, and the purpose of the UUA? In June, delegates from our church will vote on a proposal to make these changes. On issues like these, we know that UUs are bound to have differing opinions, and we embrace those differences as a strength. Join us as we listen deeply to each other on this topic. 

This month’s primary text is a document created by Jonathan Tweet that compares the proposed new Article II to the wording that is currently in the UUA bylaws, side by side: Comparison document

Additional sources for learning and dialogue are the UUA Article II Study Commission’s official report, a brief description of the 2009 attempt to amend Article II, and a document that calls out the changes that the Commission made in response to feedback on last fall’s draft.

The 4th Principle Group plans to discuss this topic in February and probably into March. Following this topic, we will discuss more of Rev Jon’s sermons, with “Encountering God” at the top of our list.

The 4th Principle Dialogue Group pursues the congregational goal of Connected Community. We get to know each other and connect to each other through meaningful, open-hearted dialogue. Drop-ins welcome. Homework not required. See more on UU Connect.

3 Responses

  1. Judith Hance says:

    The “comparison document” is no longer available here.
    How can I get a copy?

  2. jo says:

    Thank you, Judith! I emailed you a better URL, and for those following along at home, here it is… https://bit.ly/UUA_newArticleII. —Jonathan