You’re Invited: Earth Day Sunday Transportation Challenge

Sunday, April 24

Earth on stove

UUC’s Climate Action Team is challenging you to find a more sustainable way to get to church on Earth Day Sunday, April 24. Consider busing, light rail, hybrid or electric car, carpooling, biking, or walking. Let’s meet the challenge of the climate emergency and rising oil prices and find a more sustainable way to get to church. Both individual and collective action is needed to address the climate emergency and rising oil prices. Let’s have some fun doing it!

Public transportation to and from University Unitarian Church

Try Bicycling to Church

"Hugh Kimball and Dwight Beckmeyer regularly bike to church." - and photo of two men in reflective jackets standing next to bicycles

Meet our bicycling heroes:

Here’s what Hugh and Dwight had to say about biking to church:

For trips of 5 miles or less I have found the bike often better than the car. It takes about the same time and I get some exercise.

~Hugh Kimball

Besides environmental concerns, I admit my resolve to ride my bike to Intergenerational Choir rehearsals recently was bolstered by the invasion of Ukraine. “Take that, Putin, I don’t need your oil!”

Two incidents exemplify my mind set about biking:

1) Years ago, I drove my car to the U district, drove round and round looking for parking, got fed up, drove home, got on my bike and returned to the U district.

2) Later, I once found myself unable to find a solution by Metro (transit) of bike to get to a destination, then I remembered, “Oh yeah, I have a car.” It was then I realized how I had shifted my thinking beyond cars. It’s a mindset.

Years ago the City of Seattle offered the “One Car Challenge.” We sold our motorcycle, truck, and second car leaving us with one car in our family So, if my wife needs the car, biking or taking Metro is my only option.

We have loaded our roof with solar panels so, eventually we are good candidates for an electric car but, first we’ll run our Subaru to the ground.

P.S. My wife always commutes to work on her electric bike.

~Dwight Beckmeyer

Public transportation to and from University Unitarian Church

There’s a lot of out-of-date misinformation about Sunday bus and light rail service. Here’s current (as of March, 2022) information:

Link Light rail runs about every 10 minutes through most of the day on Sundays. They run about every 8 minutes during the busiest times on weekdays.

Metro bus routes 62 and 65 are convenient routes that serve University Unitarian Church. They both run about every 15 minutes on Sunday morning and afternoon.

  • Metro route 62 from the Roosevelt Link light rail station. Catch the bus on the south side of NE 65th St. between Roosevelt Ave NE and 12th Ave NE. Metro route 62 Sunday schedule: Route 62 – King County—click on the “route map” link above the schedule to the right of “Sunday.”
  • Metro route 65 Sunday schedule from the University of Washington light rail station. Route 65 – King County—click on the “route map” link above the schedule to the right of “Sunday.”

Download a bus app from your smart phone’s app store.

These apps can provide near real-time data about when the bus will arrive at our stop. These apps are useful for bus service in major cities in the United States.