Wednesday Forum To Reconvene for Great Decisions

Alternate Wednesdays, beginning January 19, 11 a.m.–1 p.m. via Zoom

Cover of the Foreign Policy Associations's Great Decisions 2022 book

The Wednesday Forum will reconvene through May to discuss Great Decisions 2022, an annual, long-standing, thought-provoking program of the Foreign Policy Association. This year’s program focuses on eight major topics in foreign affairsGreat Decisions 2022 books, with background information on each topic, are available for purchase and direct shipping from the Foreign Policy Association.

We will use our first session, on January 19, to reconnect after several months away and to review how the Great Decisions sessions will be organized. Each session will begin with a short film on the topic of the day, followed by discussion facilitated by a group member. 

If you would like to receive notices and the Zoom link, you can either join the group in UUC Connect or contact the church office. Depending on COVID and guidelines, we may be able to arrange in-person meetings in conjunction with the online meetings. If you would like to meet in person on January 19, please email

We will meet alternate Wednesdays to discuss the following topics:

  • January 19:  Reconnection: Catching up and future arrangements
  • February 2:  Changing Demographics
  • February 16:  Outer Space
  • March 2:  Climate Change
  • March 16:  Russia and the U.S.
  • March 30:  Myanmar and ASEAN
  • April 13:  The Quad Alliance
  • April 27:  Industrial Policy
  • May 11:  Drug Policy in Latin America
  • May 25:  Biden’s Agenda