Vespers: Spiritual Practices

Still life of lit candles and dry leave on a vine

Tuesday, January 25, 7–8 p.m. in Nathan Johnson Hall

Awaken spirit through creative and contemplative spiritual practices.

For Vespers: Spiritual Practices we will gather to engage a variety of spiritual practices for centering, reflection, and spiritual deepening based on the monthly Vespers service theme. This month’s theme is “journeying toward spiritual wholeness.” We may engage activities like meditation, prayer, creating art, guided journaling, or lectio divina.

You do not need to have attended the Wednesday Evening Vespers earlier in the month to attend, and newcomers to spiritual practices are welcome. We will begin and end each session in a sharing circle, and have ample time for participants to independently try different spiritual practices at stations.

Vespers: Spiritual Practices is facilitated by Unitarian Universalist ministerial candidate, Melody Moberg.