Vespers: “Journeying toward Spiritual Wholeness in the New Year”

Wednesday, January 12, 7–8 p.m. in Nathan Johnson Hall and via Zoom

Person with a knapsack walking a dirt road through fields

The proposed 8th UU Principle begins with these words “Journeying toward Spiritual Wholeness.” As we open a New Year, how might you prepare to journey toward spiritual wholeness? What do you want to take with you on this journey? What do you want to leave behind? This could relate to racial justice or some other aspect of your life that you want to grow and tend in the next year. This Vespers will be a time to reflect individually and together on our own journeys, aspirations, and learnings thus far.

If attending online, please bring paper, pens, and markers or color pencils if you have them.

Click here to learn more about Vespers services, including the Zoom link; click “Join” to let the group leaders know you’re interested. If you need help accessing UUC Connect, our password-protected site for members & friends, contact