UUC’s Faith Crates

A view down into a crate full of things, topped with a note that reads "Every child is a miracle. Open me first!"
December’s Faith Crate

Families with children of any age are invited to sign up to receive a Faith Crate of their own! Sign up by February 6 to receive the next Crate on February 13.

Our Faith Crate subscription-box-style program is providing meaningful religious exploration for UUC families. Four times throughout the year, families who sign up for the Faith Crates receive a box of materials for family faith formation and religious education.

Amid the pandemic, busy lives, and complicated schedules, the Faith Crates have been a way to provide a consistent and meaningful route for families to engage with their religious and spiritual lives from home. The contents of each Crate are flexible, with lots of suggestions, while also celebrating the creativity of families making meaning of their own out of the materials provided. The Faith Crates meet children and families where they’re at—in play and at odd times of the day—spreading their experiences of Unitarian Universalist tradition throughout the entire week.

Each Crate includes special art materials, reflection questions, and spiritual practice suggestions intended to guide families through exploring a particular faith statement. For instance in October, Faith Crate Families explored the faith statement, “We are all connected.” Families were encouraged to listen to “A Field Guide to Water,” and share with one another about their own memories related to water. Some families might have read or listened to the story “The Invisible Web” and talked about how our sense of the interdependent web of life changes, if we imagine it as a web of care. Parents were invited to notice how their faith tradition is embodied in their home, and how the faith traditions of extended family and ancestors might be present too.

In December, Faith Crate Families explored the faith statement, “Every child is a miracle.” Children and their parents were encouraged to reflect together on what the traditional nativity story teaches us about wonder, awe, and the worth and dignity of every person. Children were invited to hear the classic UU story “A Lamp in Every Corner” and were given beeswax sheets to make a candle of their own. Parents were encouraged to reflect on the ways they, independently and with their children, experience wonder, joy, and awe. Together, families made special winter treats, practiced a mindful eating meditation, and shared expressions of gratitude.

In February, families will receive their next Crate of exciting materials! Children and parents will be invited to explore the faith statement, “We hold hope close.” There will be stories of hope and inspiration, and questions about what hope feels like, how hope is tied to faith, and how a wish is different or similar to hope. Activities might include things like planting bulbs, shadow puppetry, and decorating feathers.

In April, families will receive their final Faith Crate for the year, exploring the faith statement, “We are transformed by love.”

Questions? Contact Aria Curtis.