UUC Interfaith Justice Team Joins in Solidarity to Promote Love vs. Hate

Crowd of people holding signs in a school gymnasium with a cameraman in the foreground

On March 7, 2022, an unknown driver plowed a car into the side of the building housing the Muslim American Youth Foundation (MAYF) in Burien. This was the fourth attack on an Islamic Center in five months in our area. Over the past year, there have been almost 50 acts of violence or vandalism against an array of faith communities and/or places of worship.

On March 16, several members of UUC’s Interfaith Justice Team responded at short notice to an opportunity to gather in solidarity at the MAYF community center with many from other faith communities, along with public officials and law enforcement representatives. The overriding message was “hate or violence will be used to cultivate love and solidarity.”

Our UUC vision statement includes: We will vocally and actively oppose injustice and stand in prophetic judgment of all that would diminish the equality and dignity of human beings or harm the web of life. We at UUC condemn these acts of violence and pledge to remain in solidarity with those of all faith traditions who are made to feel vulnerable as a result of hate and violence. 

If you are interested in this topic and/or our Interfaith Justice Team, please see Interfaith Justice Team Online Meeting for information about our March 28 meeting wherein this topic will be explored further.