UUC 2022 Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, June 12, 10:30 a.m. through a ZOOM WEBINAR (members in good standing) or livestream (all others)

Please plan to attend the 2022 Annual Congregational Meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 12 following the (shortened) 9:30–10:00 a.m. service. All members in good standing* are eligible to vote on motions to elect trustees and the moderator and to approve the annual operating budget. Following is the draft agenda. Please find the official meeting materials here.

  1. Call to order; appointment of Secretary, Parliamentarian (optional), and Teller; and confirmation of quorum (10% of members in good standing)
  2. Approval of the agenda (Requires motion passed by majority vote)
  3. Remembrance of members who have died since last Annual Meeting (Rev. Jon Luopa)
  4. Approval the minutes of the January 30, 2022 Special Congregational Meeting (Requires motion passed by majority vote)
  5. President’s Report (Rosemary Daszkiewicz)
  6. Open Q&A for Church Leadership
  7. Approval of the 2022–23 Annual Operating Budget (Requires motion passed by a two-thirds vote)
  8. Election of new Trustees and Moderator (Requires motion passed by majority vote)
  9. Closing Words (Rev. Jon Luopa)
  10. Adjourn (Requires motion passed by majority vote)

All members in good standing with an email address on record will receive on May 22 a pre-approved email invitation to the Special Meeting Zoom Webinar. Please retain this emailed invitation for the link to the webinar on June 12. Note that in the webinar, one connection = one vote. In a household with two church members who each receive an emailed webinar invitation, each member will need to connect to the meeting with a unique device (a computer, smart phone, or tablet) to be able to vote separately during the webinar. See How to Participate in a Congregational Meeting Webinar on Zoom for more details.

All members in good standing without an email address on record will receive a printed absentee ballot and a printed copy of the meeting materials at their home address on record. This mailing will also include instructions for participating in the Zoom Webinar by phone instead of computer, for those without a computer who wish to attend.

Any member with an email address on record who would rather vote absentee or call in on a phone instead of connecting on a web-enabled device, please contact Jessica Monahan at jessica.monhan@uuchurch.org or 206-454-7710 to request a ballot and instructions. (See more in 2022 UUC Annual Meeting Materials and Absentee Ballots Now Available.)

Completed paper absentee ballots must be postmarked by Wednesday, June 8, to be received in time for counting prior to this special meeting.

The Zoom Webinar will be livestreamed on June 12 at 10:30 a.m. Check the church website homepage as the time gets closer for information on viewing the livestream.

* According to the church Bylaws, a “member in good standing” shall have (i) completed a prescribed orientation program; (ii) made at least one unrestricted contribution of record during the past twelve (12) months; and (iii) signed the membership roll. If you are interested in attending and voting and are confused about whether you are a “member in good standing,” please contact Byron Krystad at byron.krystad@uuchurch.org or 206-454-7723 as soon as possible.

1 Response

  1. “Open Q&A for Church Leadership”

    I appreciate that the leadership team is ready to take questions from the congregation. If the Q&A is “open”, then it’s likely that the people most eager to speak will be at the front of the queue, and they might not have questions of general interest. When I run Q&As, I try to solicit questions ahead of time so I can see what people are interested in, and then I can handle the questions more fairly. Would there be a way for congregants to submit questions ahead of time? Would it be possible for congregants to see the assembled questions?