The Practice of Generosity: Second Sunday Plates in 2021–2022

Rev. Beth Chronister

Each month of the church year, we dedicate a plate to justice and service organizations doing good work in the Puget Sound region and beyond. Sometimes, we raise funds to give to existing partners or budding partnerships within our justice program such as with Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness and La Resistencia. Other times, we are responding to an immediate need such as the Afghan Relief Fund organized by the Muslim Association of Puget Sound this past September.

This year, UUC collectively raised $63,800 through our Second Sunday Plate Program and Teen Feed Holiday Collection, That is something to celebrate! Thank you for your generosity.

The UUC Social Justice Steering Committee, which coordinates Second Sunday Plates has also been exploring what it means to engage in anti-racist giving through our shared giving. One of the priorities we have focused on is giving to organizations that are led by people of the global majority, particularly Black and Indigenous peoples. As a team, we are engaging in reflections about reparative justice and how this might inform our giving patterns as a community. We look forward to continuing this reflection within the UUC community.

Second Sunday Plates, 2021–22

August: DRUUMM (Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries) $970

September: Afghan Relief Fund $14,350

October: Real Rent Duwamish $2,530

November: Lake City Partners Ending Homelessness $8,900

December: Teen Feed Holiday Collection $2,670

January: Africatown Community Land Trust $9,270

February: Creative Justice $3,000

March: La Resistencia $4,870

April: United Churches Emergency Fund $4,850

May: Green Buildings Now! $12,400

2 Responses

  1. Sharon Victor says:

    So nice to see everyone advised the results of 2nd Sunday Plate for this church year. Thank you.

  2. Margaret Sutro says:

    Thank you! to Social Justice Steering Comm for organizing and posting info about UUC’s 21-22 collective giving during 2nd Sun Plate collection. The ’21-’22 list provides some measures of UUC’s collective capacity for expressing gratitude through generosity AND where individuals in the congregation have felt called to respond. Pls keep this kind of info readily available to all as a source of inspiration and guidance for further commitments.