Tent City 3 Moved to UW Last Saturday

Loading Tent City 3 stuff into truck for moving

On December 17, ten UUC volunteers joined Tent City 3 residents to move from University Congregational Church, where it had been located for the past three months, to the University of Washington. The move was well organized, with two trucks in motion—one being loaded while the other was en route between the two sites. Tents were disassembled, and personal belongings of residents were loaded into plastic bags to keep everything dry during the continual rain and snow. Pallets for each tent, offering a bit more warmth and protection from the rain, were broken down to be re-built at the next site. One of our UUC volunteers cited that the move seemed to be “a well-oiled machine.” 

Tent City 3 - volunteer movers: 7 people in raincoats in the snow

Joining Tent City 3 (TC3) on Saturday opened a window into its community and operation: getting a bit better acquainted with some of the residents and hearing some of their stories; learning more about the many roles involved in sustaining this community; and witnessing TC3 leaving one location even cleaner than it was found three months before.

If you’d like to donate any items that may be needed in the coming weeks, or share some baked goods, please find more information on the Tent City 3 website here.