Tent City 3 and the Seattle City Council

"Tent City 3" on a bright gold background

Alex Pedersen, the city councilmember representing District 4 (northeast Seattle), created a blog post about Tent City 3 (TC3) and our church’s exploration of hosting TC3. You can read Councilmember Pedersen’s blog post here.

In response to this post, the Tent City 3 community created and sent this letter to Councilmember Pedersen. You are encouraged to read the Tent City 3 letter, which represents the input of a number of TC3 participants. 

Over the past few weeks UUC’s Tent City 3 Team has been actively communicating with neighbors and community associations, listening deeply and responding to both the concerns and the messages of support for TC3. Based on the experience of over ten prior TC3 hosts, we also understand that some or even many of the fears and concerns will likely persist until TC3 arrives in our parking lot. Invariably, for past TC3 sites the fears and concerns have abated after TC3 camps were established and operating.

For more information or to discuss this, please contact Dave Mentz or Sallie Dacey.