November 2022 Special Congregational Meeting

Screen shot of a Zoom WEbinar

Sunday, November 13, 1 p.m. via Zoom webinar (members in good standing) or livestream (all others)

Please plan to attend the November 2022 Special Congregational Meeting at 1 p.m. on Sunday, November 13 following the second service. All members in good standing* are eligible to vote on a motion related to hosting Tent City 3 in the spring of 2023. This will be an advisory vote from the congregation. Rev. Jon Luopa will make this decision as the steward of church resources, but the opinions and perspectives of the congregation will be a vital and primary factor as he does so. 

Meeting materials related to items in the draft agenda

* According to the church Bylaws, a “member in good standing” shall have (i) completed a prescribed orientation program; (ii) made at least one unrestricted contribution of record during the past twelve (12) months; and (iii) signed the membership roll. If you are interested in attending and voting and are confused about whether you are a “member in good standing,” please contact Byron Krystad at or 206-454-7723 as soon as possible.

Draft Agenda
  1. Welcome & Opening Words
  2. Call to Order
    • Appointment of Secretary, Parliamentarian (optional), and Teller
    • Confirmation of Quorum (10% of members in good standing)
  3. Approval of the agenda (Requires motion passed by majority vote)
  4. Approval of the minutes of the June 12, 2022 Annual Congregational Meeting (Requires motion passed by majority vote)
  5. Questions & Answers regarding Tent City 3 Hosting, submitted in advance**
  6. Motion, Discussion, and Advisory Vote regarding Hosting Tent City 3 at UUC
  7. Closing Words (Rev. Jon Luopa)
  8. Adjourn (Requires motion passed by majority vote)

** If you would like to submit a question to be answered during the Q &A time on the agenda, please do so through this form: Tent City 3 Hosting Questions

Participating in the Zoom Webinar

  • All members in good standing with an email address on record will be registered in advance and receive on October 30 an invitation and link to the Zoom webinar.  Retain this emailed invitation for the link to the webinar on November 13 at 1:00 p.m. 
    • Note that in the webinar, one connection = one vote. In a household with two church members who each receive an emailed webinar invitation, each member will need to connect to the meeting with a unique device (a computer, smart phone, or tablet) to be able to vote separately during the webinar.
  • Members in good standing without an email address on record will receive a printed absentee ballot and a printed copy of the meeting materials through USPS mail at their home address on record. This mailing will also include instructions for participating in the Zoom Webinar by phone instead of computer. Those who call in with a phone must vote with an absentee ballot prior to the meeting, as voting features are not available to call-in participants.

Voting Absentee

  • Any member with an email address on record who would rather vote absentee or call in on a phone instead of connecting on a web-enabled device, please use the absentee ballot for this meeting.
  • Please print and complete your absentee ballot, then sign and clearly print your name on the back side. Your completed absentee ballot may be sent as an electronic file (PDF or JPG) to, mailed to the church office in USPS mail, or dropped off at the church office during open hours. Email or voice mail describing voting decisions will not be accepted as ballots and will not be counted. Absentee ballots will only be validated if the printed name can be matched to a name on the list of members in good standing. When your absentee ballot is validated, your pre-approved Webinar registration will be cancelled (but you can still watch the livestream of the meeting).
  • Completed paper absentee ballots must be postmarked by Wednesday, November 9 to be received in time for counting prior to this special meeting. Completed paper absentee ballots may alternatively be dropped off in person at the church on Sunday, November 13 by 11 a.m. Completed PDF or JPG absentee ballots must be emailed by 11 a.m. If you have any questions about absentee ballots, please contact Jessica Monahan ahead of time at or 206-454-7710.

Viewing the Meeting Livestream

  • For community members not eligible to vote or without access to the webinar, the meeting will be livestreamed simultaneously on November 13 at 1:00 p.m.

We hope you will be able to attend as we consider this matter. Your perspective individually and collectively matters!

Thank you,
Your Board of Trustees

Read more about the proposal to host Tent City 3 at UUC.

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  1. “Butch” Mason Taylor says:

    Our UU Covenant group visited a Share/Wheel facility. Tru.y amazing. Women finding safe sanctuary and empowered! Everyone involved and participating. This is a responsible accountable group. We might need to e plain to household s neighboring the churc.