September Second Sunday Plate to Benefit Teen Feed

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Sunday, September 11, during each service and online

On Sunday, September 11, the Second Sunday Plate Collection will benefit Teen Feed. UUC has partnered with Teen Feed for nearly 20 years. UUC’s Meal Team includes an intergenerational crew of 25, preparing and serving 18 meals per year—either on the 1st Sunday or the 1st Friday each month at a University District church.

Five Teen Feed volunteers at the serving counter

Over Labor Day weekend, two UUC Meal Teams were busy in the kitchen, preparing meals, serving teens on-site and assembling to-go boxes to deliver to both a nearby youth shelter and other teens living outside in adjacent neighborhoods. Last Friday, five volunteers prepared three kinds of tacos, with cabbage slaw and salad, and served them with chocolate chip cookies and watermelon prepared by other UUC families in their home kitchens. On Sunday, another UUC crew of four prepared build-your-own Mexican food bowls, offering teens a chance to choose spicy ground beef or roasted cauliflower as the base, adding in roasted veggies, black beans and rice, home-grown tomatoes and lettuce from a local farm partner, with three more UUC families baking Mexican chocolate cookies at home. All of the Teen Feed meal teams create nutritious meals, and serve these up 365 nights each year. But, the focus of these nightly meals. Beyond giving teens, on many days, the only real meal, it fosters an environment whereby Teen Feed advocates can talk with them about community resources, and help the teens identify pathways toward their identified goals.

Four UUC Teen Feed volunteers in the Teen Feed kitchen

These Teen Feed meals, coordinated by teams from churches, like UUC, plus teams from community organizations and businesses, create an opportunity for advocates to establish rapport with these teens and help them move toward their goals: to finish a high school diploma, enroll in college, land a job or locate housing. Teen Feed’s goal is to enable teens to build a plan to achieve stability, moving away from long-term homelessness.

Through Teen Feed, we create a beloved community with others from UUC and with the teens we meet each month. On September 11, contributing to the Second Sunday Plate Collection benefit’s our work with Teen Feed. Funds are dedicated to cover all the groceries and supplies for the 18 meals prepared and served by UUC’s Meal Team.

If you’d like to learn more about Teen Feed, or find out how to join our UUC Meal Team, contact Pam or stop by the information table in the atrium on Sunday, September 11. 

To contribute to the September Plate Collection now, click here and then choose “Special Plate Collection” and note “September Plate for Teen Feed” on the memo line. Of course, you are welcome to drop your check in the plate on September 11, or leave it in the church office, too.