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Cover of The Genetic Lottery: Why DAN Matters for Social Equality by Kathryn Paige Harden

Tuesday, November 8 & 22, 7–8:30 p.m. in King and via Zoom

In The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality, Kathryn Paige Harden reclaims genetic science from the legacy of eugenics, and offers a bold new vision of society where everyone thrives, regardless of how one fares in the genetic lottery. Weaving together personal stories with scientific evidence, Harden shows why our refusal to recognize the power of DNA perpetuates the myth of meritocracy, and argues that we must acknowledge the role of genetic luck if we are ever to create a fair society.

We usually focus most on the first half of the book at the first meeting (November 8), and the whole book (especially the second half and conclusions) at the second meeting (November 22).

Here are links to a couple of videos of talks Harden gave:

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