Report From the Congregational Meeting

On Sunday, November 13, 137 UUC members gathered on in a Zoom webinar to weigh in on the matter of our potential hosting of Tent City 3 (TC3) at UUC in the spring of 2023. After responding to questions from members, this motion was entertained and discussed: “As an advisory recommendation, the Congregation supports the proposal to host Tent City 3 in the UUC parking lot for ninety days in the spring of 2023.” There was overwhelming support for hosting TC3 from those voting in the webinar, as well as those voting by absentee ballots. Totals: 148 (96%) voted in support, 4 were opposed, and 2 abstained.

To all those involved in the preparation for and orchestrating of the congregational meeting, I extend my gratitude.

This was an advisory vote to Rev. Jon Luopa. To ensure that the decision is made with due diligence with regard to insurance, contractual and practical matters, the final decision will likely take two to three more weeks.

We want to acknowledge that a number of neighbors continue to voice their concerns about safety issues and other impacts of our hosting. (We have also heard from neighbors who are supportive of our hosting.) We are committed to working positively with our neighbors to listen and address their concerns. If we go forward in this arrangement with Tent City 3, we would do so with safety for all—those in our UUC community, residents of TC3 , and our neighbors—as a top priority.

In community,

Kathleen Cromp
Board of Trustees, President