Parking Lot Diagram: Tent City 3 Planning

The parking lot diagram shown illustrates the minimum and maximum sizes of a potential encampment in the spring of 2023. The number of standard parking stalls occupied by an encampment is shown in each segment, and the minimum number of stalls available for church use if the maximum encampment size is reached is shown as well. Note that if the minimum encampment size is used instead, the number of stalls available for church use increases by 10. 

Access to the encampment would be focused on the southern of the two driveways, while parking for church use would be accessed with the driveway closest to the church building. 

Finally, a possible temporary location for the church’s dumpsters is shown, because the fenced area where they are usually kept would not be accessible by a waste management vehicle with the encampment in place. Placement of dedicated dumpsters managed by the encampment has not yet been decided.

~Byron Krystad, Director of Operations

2 Responses

  1. Judy Hait says:

    It is so helpful to have a picture! Thank you. I am surprised we will have as many stalls as this picture shows.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please reconsider the location of the dumpsters as to alleviate any impact to your direct neighbors.