Pages from the UUC Bookstore

Cover of American Unitarian Churches: Architecture of a Democratic Religion by Ann Marie Borys

The Bookstore is back open after both services. Many thanks to Bill and Barbara Alexander for holding down the fort while Cindy Fuller took a long-overdue, twice-pandemic-postponed vacation.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, we have two new titles of interest:

American Unitarian Churches: Architecture of a Democratic Religion, by Ann Marie Borys. Not only are the old New England meeting houses and Frank Lloyd Wright churches represented in this book, but UUC and Eastshore (in Bellevue) make appearances.

Against Civility: The Hidden Racism in Our Obsession with Civility, by Alex Zamalin. The author argues that being civil can be just as bad as outright racism.

Finally, are you in the Women’s Book Group? We have A Most Beautiful Thing, by Arshay Cooper. This is an interesting companion volume to former UUC Bookstore bestseller, The Boys in the Boat. This book is about an all-black-female crew team.

Stop in after either service to check out these and other worthwhile reads.