Pages from the UUC Bookstore

Stack of books, each with a different colored cover

Does the library want you to return Welcoming the Unwelcome? Did your puppy chew the copy you just bought? Is reading it on a tablet not working for you? Fear not, the UUC Bookstore has copies available. Not only that, the Bookstore has items for children and adults alike. For example, if you were feeling nostalgic hearing Turn, Turn, Turn sung at the church service last week, we have a children’s book that introduces Pete Seeger to a new generation of fans.

As a heads up, the Bookstore will be closed after second service April 10, 17, and 24 to allow for a long-overdue vacation. If you need any books ordered for upcoming classes or events that will occur in April or early May, please contact Cindy Fuller at as soon as possible to guarantee their arrival in advance of when you need them.