November Dedicated Plate

AFRICATOWN COMMUNITY LAND TRUST with outline of Africa and the Space Needle

Sunday, November 13

We are excited to feature the Africatown Community Land Trust (ACLT) for our monthly second Sunday dedicated plate collection. Recognizing the dramatic, long-standing effects of bias in housing and gentrification, ACLT’s mission is to acquire, develop and steward land in Seattle to empower and preserve the Black Community. Examples of ACLT’s initiatives and successes:  

  • The Liberty Bank Building at 24th and Union provides 115 affordable housing units and commercial space for Black entrepreneurs. 
  • Groundbreaking of the William Grose Center for Cultural Innovation, which will serve a hub for the development of next generation tech leaders within the Black community.
  • Shelter beds and affordable housing will be offered within a one-block project at 16th and Yesler.

Working with partners, ACLT deploys an established, effective land trust model to address critical equity issues at a systemic level. ACLT strives to create a thriving Black Seattle, block by block, program by program, and business by business.

 ACLT’s most recent annual report can be found here.

Please join one of the services on Sunday to hear more from an ACLT leader, Evan Poncelet, and to learn more about this important and impactful effort to transform our community. If you are unable to join the service on Sunday and wish to contribute to UUC’s plate collection for Africatown Community Land Trust, please do so by going to our Make a gift to UUC page, selecting “Special plate” in the “Fund” box, and noting the “November 13 plate collection” in the memo line.

UUC Social Justice Steering Committee

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  1. It’s great that they are following a proven model and that they have a good track record. I did a little research on this group when I first heard of them, and I’m happy to see that UUC is supporting them.

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