New Bylaws to Be Voted On

Sunday, January 30, 2022, 1:00–2:30 p.m. online

The UUC Board of Trustees is recommending a set of new Bylaws to replace the existing UUC Bylaws. Members of the congregation will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed replacement at the special congregational meeting on January 30. (More information about the special meeting will be posted soon.) The final draft of these new Bylaws with the Board’s recommended language can be found here

The Bylaws Working Group received thoughtful feedback from a number of people during the November 21 and December 5 meetings reviewing the new draft of the Bylaws. Some of their suggestions were incorporated into this final proposed draft, including more specific language about what might cause a member to be removed. (Art. II, Sec. 3(d).)

A minority of the Bylaws Working Group had originally identified three specific sections and provided alternative language for those sections. After the feedback meetings, a fourth section was identified and alternate language proposed. During our January 30 meeting, the motion to accept this new draft of our Bylaws must pass by a 2/3 majority. In advance of that vote there will be four preliminary motions to decide the language for those four specific sections of the Bylaws. These include:

  • Art. II Section 2.3(d): Whether the Senior Minister and the Board President should have the power to jointly decide to remove a Member (recommended vote: yes)
  • Art. III, Section 3.1(a)(1): The timing of adding an agenda item to the Annual Meeting agenda (recommended vote: 21 days)
  • Art. III Section 3.3(c): Whether the Moderator will have the discretion whether or not to appoint a parliamentarian for an Annual or Special meeting (recommended vote: yes, moderator should have discretion)
  • Art. IV, Section 4.3(a): Whether to have a smaller Nominating Committee that is appointed by the Board. (recommended vote: yes)

The precise language of the above four proposed alternatives can be found here.

Some of the feedback received included support for the inclusion in the Bylaws of a list of required committees. The Bylaws Working Group had specifically decided a list of required committees should not be part of the Bylaws, but were better covered by Board policy. We have asked the individuals who support the listing of required committees in our Bylaws to draft language that accomplishes their goal which we can consider at our Annual Congregational Meeting in June.

Questions? Please contact members of our Board of Trustees.