Message to UUC’s Welcomers

To UUC’s Sunday Welcoming Team members—Greeters, Coffee Crew, and Ushers—and to our Connections Team and Care Team:

As we observe these winter holidays and welcome the New Year, I want to extend deep thanks for your faithful Sunday Welcoming, Connecting, and Caring service to our congregation. You have offered kindness and comfort, greetings and support, cheer and reassurance to our visitors, members, and friends every Sunday.

I have witnessed you easing the way for those who are unsure. I have heard soft, gentle, respectful words of encouragement. I’ve seen the smiles you’ve offered and evoked. I’ve noticed you accompanying and showing the way. I’ve watched the attention and love poured into your offerings of coffee and cookies. I’ve noticed you sharing moments of laughter, listening carefully with open hearts, watching intently, ready to extend a steadying hand. I’ve observed chairs held, hearing devices retrieved, tested and adjusted, tissue boxes found, lost items searched out and returned, ways cleared, and help provided.

You are this community, embodied. I’ve seen it, heard it, felt it.

On behalf of our UUC staff and more, thank you. BIG thank you. Holy Night thank you!

Blessings to you all! You are the givers and gifts of this season, throughout the year.

May the coming days and nights be merry and bright—and when they aren’t, may you know tenfold that you are loved.

Janine Larsen, Director of Ministries