Message from the Board

On January 30, 2022 the congregation will vote on whether to adopt the proposed 8th UU Principle. The Board of Trustees has endorsed its adoption but understands that some congregants have reservations. In 2020 the Board of Trustees committed to exploring the open question, “What kind of Anti-Racist community can UUC be? And how will we become one?” Whether the motion passes or does not, the Board of Trustees remains committed to exploring this question with all congregants. In the spring, the Board, in partnership with others, plans to sponsor a series of listening and learning events as we develop together, as a congregation, a vision of what it would mean to become an anti-racist community, in this place, at this time. To do this work well, we will need the beautiful diversity of minds and stories of lived experience from within the congregation and without as we reckon with the legacy of white supremacy and racism to build a place where all feel they belong.

~UUC Board of Trustees

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  1. Jonathan Tweet says:

    Thanks, this sounds great.