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Rev. Jon M. Luopa

Dear Members and Friends:

A ministerial colleague of mine chose to wind out his long tenure in ministry by doing a couple of interim assignments. The title of the first sermon he delivered in each of these congregations was “Hello! I must be going!” His intent in these sermons was to help the congregations get ready for the natural processes of change.

In the next several weeks we will mark a number of transitions in our church staff. Melody Moberg will be stepping down from her position of Director of Family Ministry on June 30 to devote her energies full time to completing the requirements for ordination in UU ministry. She has made many contributions to our Religious Education, now Family Ministry, program for more than a decade, and we are greatly in her debt. We will honor her between services on May 22. Please join us for that gathering. We are most fortunate in having on our staff a person who can assume those duties of Director of Family Ministry as of July 1—Aria Curtis! She is excited about her new role, as am I.  Since Family Ministry is a more comprehensive way of envisioning religious education, Aria will need our cheerful support as she gathers a team to work with her on designing this new venture.

It is hard to believe that the Rev. Beth Chronister’s sabbatical will be coming to an end on May 31. We have missed her! We will first see her on Sunday, June 5 when she will have no formal role in the service but sharing her bright smile with us. Over these last four months we have been most fortunate, once again, to have had the Rev. Deborah Raible serve us as our pastoral minister in Beth’s absence. She will be released from that covenant on Sunday, May 29. But she is also going to retire from her role as one of our Affiliated Ministers on June 5. She has served as an Affiliated Minister for nearly three decades, and as someone who grew up in this congregation has always shared her wise competence and quiet strength with us all. Like the Rev. Linda Kaufman, Deborah will become an Affiliated Minister Emerita. They remain active in the congregation but have no required duties except accepting our loving gratitude.

One of the greatest privileges I have in my role is to say ‘thank you’ on a nearly daily basis. I am grateful for the wonderful staff we have at UUC, and for the generous congregation which supports them.

Stay well!

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Rev. Jon M. Luopa