Meet “Virtual Jessica”!

Photo of kiosk monitor with camera and and microphone at top and Jessica's photo on the display

Jessica Monahan, UUC Office Manager, will make her debut on the small screen this Sunday in the Church Office to provide live, online office assistance to walk-in visitors. Stacy Carlson, our Member Engagement Assistant, is out of town this Sunday, but “Virtual Jessica” will be on hand!

If you have a question or need some help registering for church programs, arranging room reservations, etc., just walk into the office and Jessica will be right there online and ready to assist. Curious how this will work? We are too! Stop by and say hello if Jessica isn’t busy helping someone else.

Jessica has been working from home to safeguard her health. She’s ready to come back to the office Monday through Thursday starting May 16, but will continue to work from home on Sundays for a while. This solution allows us to keep the office open for “right now” service, let Jessica work from her own space, and honor Stacy’s part-time schedule.