Lower Your Travel Footprint

Sylvia and Kyle standing in from of a hybrid car in the UUC parking lot

The UUC Climate Action Team invites you to lower your travel footprint by finding a more sustainable way to get to church on Earth Day, Sunday, April 24. Give back to the Earth, by treading lightly and lovingly. Imagine new possibilities!


Sylvia and Kyle carpool to UUC in a hybrid car. Sylvia says “It all started when I noticed Kyle standing at the bus stop on 65th as I was driving to Intergenerational Choir rehearsal. It just makes sense to carpool when someone lives on your direct route to and from UUC.”

Electric Car
Deejah and Ron standing next to their electric car

Deejah says “We love driving an electric car! It’s almost maintenance-free. Ron installed a charger in our garage so it’s easy to ‘juice it up.’ Also, we have solar panels, so for half the year, the power is nearly free.”

If you need to come by car, consider how to do it more sustainably. Start a carpool, or add more to your existing carpool, and drive low- or no-emissions vehicles. Let’s meet the challenge of the climate emergency and rising oil prices and find a more sustainable way to get to church. Both individual and collective action is needed to address the climate emergency and rising oil prices. Let’s have some fun doing it!

See also our article on bicycling to church and information about using public transit to get to church.