Listening to Understand Our Friends Who Don’t Support the Proposed 8th Principle

Sunday, January 16, between services (10:30–11:15 a.m.) in Knatvold and via Zoom

This Zoom meeting was recorded. Watch it at Vimeo.

The UUC 8th Principle Team has worked hard to build support for the adoption of the proposed 8th UU Principle at the January 30 special congregational meeting. An unintended consequence of their decision to host a significant number of listening sessions and outreach to specific groups within the church has been that those who remain uncertain about the proposed 8th Principle, and those who are certain they oppose it, have not been able to explain their perspective to any group except to the particular listening session or meeting they attended.

Our fourth and fifth UU Principles promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and the right of conscience. Given the significance of potentially adding an 8th Principle, and in light of these two current Principles, the Board of Trustees thinks it is especially important to provide an opportunity for those perspectives to reach a wider audience. It is also important in a Beloved Community to make time to better understand those with whom we disagree, and perhaps find areas of common ground. So the Board of Trustees invites all those who can to attend a conversation between the services on January 16 where we will hear from a couple of individuals who have concerns or significant questions about the adoption of the proposed 8th Principle. We will use an interview format. If you have specific questions you would like to have included in the conversation, please send them to Rosemary Daszkiewicz at

You have the option of attending via Zoom instead of in person (find the link in UUC Connect). The conversation will be recorded and posted afterwards for anyone who is unable to attend on January 16.

If there are more individuals who want to be heard, we are open to sponsoring additional conversations between January 16 and January 30. Please contact a Board member.