Join Us for an All Ages Worship This Sunday

Please watch the special invitation video below, to hear a bit about why Aria is so excited about All Ages Worship!

This Sunday, October 16, will be another special All Ages Worship service. It’s going to be a fun morning, with lots of storytelling and good music from our Intergenerational Choir. The theme we’ll be exploring together is fear—which can be a little scary to talk about.

So, to make sure we are safe and ready to tackle such a big topic, we’re going to bring in all the people and places that make us feel safe. We invite you to bring in an object or picture that represents a person or place that makes you feel safe, cared for, and loved. Maybe it is a blanket, a favorite stuffed animal or mug for tea. Maybe it is a picture of someone who loves you as you are or a rock from somewhere you feel most at peace. Whatever it is, you are invited to bring it to church to put on a shared altar during the service. Items will all be returned at the end of each service for safe keeping.

(Sprouts care will be available as usual.)